6 ways to transform your independent factoring company

You run an independent factor and are ready to take your company to a new level, but are you also experiencing roadblocks that are holding you back from growth? It’s time to break through and transform your business.

Here are six ways partnering with Liquid Capital can help your factor achieve astonishing success.

1. Access up to 10 times your capital

That’s right – ten times. By partnering with Liquid Capital, you will now have access to substantially more capital. You’ll be able to help out more clients, fund more deals and take on larger funding amounts. If you find any credit-worthy deal, you can now provide funding – regardless of size.

2. Centralized underwriting and credit department

The best-in-class Liquid Capital underwriting department will work on every funding deal, performing due diligence to ensure that risk is properly managed to protect you from bad deals. They spot red flags and unconventional opportunities, so you can grow your business safely. Now you can spend more time building client relationships, selling and closing the right deals that will ultimately make you more revenue.

3. Enhance your product suite

Factoring is no longer the only solution in your sales kit. You can now offer Asset-Based Lending and Purchase Order Financing, along with the Purchase Finance Program, Working Capital Advances, Equipment Leasing and other premier products. Meet client’s needs – from small boosts in working capital to large volume deals (even up to $5 million in funding) – you’ll be able to make every deal happen.

4. Top notch training

Whether you’re a team of one or have an office of employees, your Liquid Capital experience will begin with a fantastic onboarding program. This extensive training covers all products and processes, so you and your staff will be geared up to take on the next steps ahead. Going forward, you’ll also receive ongoing training to ensure you’re up to speed with everything in the Liquid Capital system, plus developments in the industry and business best practices.

5. Participate with other factors

When you run your independent factor, you’re on your own and up against a lot of competition. What if that competition was turned into a team of business partners? As part of the Liquid Capital system, you have exactly that – now able to join in participation deals with over 80 other Principals in additional territories. They’ll bring deals to the table that you can join, or you can ask for participation in your deals as you see fit – helping your reduce risk and build a diverse book of business.

6. Extensive marketing support

Sales are the top priority for most factoring companies. Likewise, building client relationships and developing your funnels are likely high up on your priority list. But like many companies, marketing strategy can become neglected. As part of the Liquid Capital system, you now get access to high-quality marketing support including website development, product brochures, trade show booth materials, social media posts and ongoing marketing training. It’s like you gained an entire marketing team, because you just did.


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