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Why You Should Pick an Award-Winning Franchise

Prospective franchisees assess many different opportunities. At a certain point, they will also perform due diligence and narrow down their options – an important step to make sure they’re getting into the right business for them, which will maximize their skills, opportunities and ultimately, their profits. Part of the process is learning more about the […]

6 ways to transform your independent factoring company

You run an independent factor and are ready to take your company to a new level, but are you also experiencing roadblocks that are holding you back from growth? It’s time to break through and transform your business. Here are six ways partnering with Liquid Capital can help your factor achieve astonishing success. 1. Access […]

What’s stopping you from starting a new franchise?

As many as 40% of people cite fear of failure as the reason preventing them from starting their own business. If you fall into this category and want to start your own franchise business but are scared of taking that step, you aren’t alone. Booming business opportunities The North American business world is a magnet […]